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Our School Traditions

In our school, we take pride in the following traditions.

  1. Punctuality.
  2. To be friendly with one another in and out of school.
  3. To avoid vulgarity in speech and behaviour.
  4. To accept any work assigned to us as a rightful share.
  5. To offer help to any unattended visitors, we happen to meet on the school premises.
  6. To rise when any teacher, elder or visitor enters any room or place where we happen to be.
  7. To be courteous to and sportsman-like with opposing teams and officials.
  8. To respect the library rights of others using it.
  9. To respect the beauty of the school premises and to report any damage which we may observe.
  10. To avoid dropping waste materials in the school premises and to pick up and dispose of any such thing dropped by others.
  11. To learn and observe good manners in school and outside.
  12. To build and maintain an eco-friendly school campus.

These traditions are little things in themselves and they cannot be forced upon since this would destroy their value. The desire to observe them must come from within and must be genuine. Only thus can one’s character be formed.